Attack surface management and threat intelligence
Attack surface management and threat intelligence
Attack surface management and threat intelligence

Tactical Attack Surface Intelligence

Unlock fully curated, prioritized, and actionable threat findings within your external attack surface – instantly with just a company domain.

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Continuous Cyber Threat and Attack Analysis

TacitRed continuously analyzes massive amounts of global attack signals and threat intelligence sources to pinpoint active exposures, attacks, and risks of over 18 million US companies – unparalleled, on-demand findings.

  • Delivers fully curated and detailed threat intelligence
  • Maps attack surface and calculates threat score
  • Identifies and prioritizes attacked or at imminent risk assets
  • Delivers valid evidence enabling rapid threat mitigation
  • Increases security analyst proficiency and reduces 3rd party risk

Extensive Capabilities, Simplified

TacitRed automatically maps your external attack surface and monitors connections and threat activity between your digital presence, cyber adversaries, and third-party entities – curated threat intelligence to accelerate proactive remediation, impact containment, and risk assessment processes.






Cut Through the Noise, Searches, and Pivots

On-demand, curated threat intelligence - take immediate, informed and decisive actions to mitigate impactful cyber exposures and risk
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Continuous Mapping and Threat Monitoring

External attack surface mapping and monitoring of connections and threat activity between your digital presence, threat actors, and third-party entities.

Focus Priorities On Active Exposures

Discover compromised and imminent target assets, threats, and novel attacks with severity and attack details rather than expired SSL certificates and TLS version lists.

Compromised Signal Analysis, High Fidelity Enumeration

Examine comprehensive findings categorized by threat type and cyber kill chain stage with full contextualization of affected machines, users, and more.

Expedite Threat Mitigation

Readily share exposure evidence with internal IR and third-party entities to streamline investigation, containment, resolution, and prevention processes.

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Why Choose TacitRed

TacitRed delivers rapid time to value by combining out-of-the-box threat intelligence, attack surface management, and third-party risk reduction. Our customers realized significantly improved:

internet-facing asset inventory
and risk assessment accuracy


threat identification, investigation,
and prioritization process


threat context depth and
faster cyber threat response

user feedback as of April 2023

Value for Cyber Security Professionals

Chief Information Security Officer
Extend security posture oversight, increase secops capacity and agility, and reduce cyber breach risk and impact.
Security Threat Analyst
Optimize efforts to resolve attacks and imminent threats with prioritized and valid details for remediation and containment.
Security Operations
Enhance threat intelligence and response efficacy, and reduce attack surface inventory gaps, cyber exposures, and incident impact.
Cyber Risk Analyst
Gain immediate, accurate 1st party and 3rd party cyber risk assessment based on a substantiated threat score and exposure details.