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TacitRed™ empowers security analysts to take immediate, decisive actions to mitigate impactful cyber exposures by taking advantage of unparalleled tactical attack surface intelligence – fully curated, prioritized, and detailed. Here's a quick video tour of highlight features.

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Continuously analyzes and maps your internet-facing assets, while dynamically monitoring the connections and threat activity between your digital presence, threat actors, and third party entities.

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Readily examine the overall security posture of your external attack surface. Know the extent of assets that are compromised or are at imminent risk and prioritize your actions using a Threat Score calculated by the attacks actively engaged by threat actors.

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Leveraging advanced, curated threat intelligence to readily examine compromised and high target assets with full contextual details prioritized by severity and categorized within the cyber attack chain stage. Investigate valid security exposures with high fidelity.

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Expedite mitigation efforts by sharing curated findings with incident response teams inclusive of asset severity rating and detailed exposure evidence. Enrich threat intelligence within your SIEM, SOAR, SOC, and service management systems via API integration.

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Assess your extended attack surface by entering the domain of the third-party entities you do business with, such as subsidiaries, partners, suppliers, agents, and service providers. Share the transparent threat score and crucial findings to facilitate their corrective actions.