Security teams need fast, effective response to counter cyber adversaries exploiting employees, suppliers, and internet-facing assets. Unfortunately, analysts have limited attack surface visibility and are inundated with potential exposures, alerts, and threat intelligence noise – exerting effort on often outdated, inaccurate, incomplete, or irrelevant findings that impedes mitigation.

Breaches due to external
threat actors1


employing stolen credentials, phishing,
and asset attack techniques

Systems intrusions caused by Malware/Ransomware1


with the majority being linked
to organized crime

SOC analyst coping with
increased workloads2


with over 40% of analysts expressing being overwhelmed by threat intelligence, unactionable data, and manual processes3


TacitRed delivers continuously curated, prioritized, and detailed attack surface intelligence at machine speed - analysts can focus on compromised and at-imminent-risk assets with comprehensive threat scoring, insight, and contextualization. As a result, organizations optimize resources, mitigate data breach exposure, proactively improve their security posture, and help reduce third-party risks.

“Amazed by the depth and speed of the curated intelligence. I was able to see a good number of unaccounted assets and serious issues that our existing tools missed. Prioritization and threat detail saves a lot of manual work.”


Lead Security and Threat Analyst
Insurance Company

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Continuously analyzes and maps your internet-facing assets, while dynamically monitoring the connections and threat activity between your digital presence, threat actors, and third party entities.

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Understand the overall security posture of your external attack surface. Know the extent of assets that are compromised or are at imminent risk and prioritize your actions using a Threat Score calculated by the attacks actively engaged by threat actors.

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Leveraging advanced, curated threat intelligence to readily examine compromised and high target assets with full contextual details prioritized by severity and categorized within the cyber attack chain stage. Investigate valid security exposures with high fidelity.

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Expedite mitigation efforts by sharing curated findings with incident response teams inclusive of asset severity rating and detailed exposure evidence. Enrich threat intelligence within your SIEM, SOAR, SOC, and service management systems via API integration.

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Assess your extended attack surface by entering the domain of the third-party entities you do business with, such as subsidiaries, partners, suppliers, agents, and service providers. Share the transparent threat score and crucial findings to facilitate their corrective actions.

Inner Workings

TacitRed delivers on-demand Tactical Attack Surface Intelligence covering 18 million US companies. Offered as a turnkey SaaS solution, TacitRed continuously analyzes massive streams of internet traffic and attack signals, and a broad array of threat intelligence sources through its patented Hierarchical Complex Event Processing (HCEP) engine to achieve global asset-to-entity association, identify threat actor reconnaissance and attack activity, and deliver comprehensive threat contextualization.

How Tactical Attack Surface Intelligence works How Tactical Attack Surface Intelligence works

Curated Threat and Attack Analysis

We dynamically monitor attackers, your organization, and the entities you do business with – providing findings that reveal high-severity attack surface security issues to resolve and prevent with detailed evidence.

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It’s Fast
TacitRed analyzes terabytes of streaming threat signal data, producing curated insights with credible evidence of asset compromise and targeting
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It’s Curated
TacitRed is a force multiplier, empowering a security analyst with the means to harness a team’s worth of analytical capability and capacity
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It’s Powerful
TacitRed analyzes all sides of a cyber attack—threat actors, targeted entities, and activities to identify valid exposures

Instant Findings
Applies our patented complex event processing platform to constantly correlate threat patterns to deliver curated intelligence on demand.

Timely Threat Intelligence
Autonomously processes massive amounts of threat data from aggregated sources 24/7 to provide current and curated intelligence.

Dynamic, Accurate Scoring
Threat scoring is based on real security issues, with detailed root cause—threat and risk analysts avoid wasting time on spurious findings.

Actionable Intelligence
TacitRed is designed with the threat responder in mind, purposely tuned to deliver the most actionable findings—not more noise.

Comprehensive Context
Examine issues prioritized by severity and categorized by threat type and cyber kill chain stage with deep, transparent triage details.

Straightforward to Use
A simple, intuitive, and interactive dashboard offers analysts crucial information to make informed decisions to mitigate damage.

Massive Signals Processing
Rapidly processes billions of streamed records through our advanced, cloud-scaled analysis engine to overcome absurdly challenging datasets.

Intelligence Synthesis
Combines available industry intelligence and proprietary sources to give the best possible threat insight to respond to and prevent incidents.

Third-Party Risk Reduction
Evaluate third-party risk, such as subsidiaries, agents, and suppliers, and share actionable results with as much detail as your first-party risk.

1 Verizon 2023 Data Breach Investigation Report.

2 Tines 2022 Voice of SOC analyst survey.

3 Vanson Bourne/Armis 2023 Global ASM Trends and Challenges