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TacitRed Tactical Attack Surface Intelligence empowers security analysts to take immediate, prioritized, and decisive actions to quickly mobilize mitigation processes for attacked and high target assets. From discovery to response, it combines threat intelligence, attack surface management, and third-party risk features - putting fully curated details at your fingertips.

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Ideal for:
Single security analyst to discover attack surface and monitor security posture



Ideal for:
Single analyst or small security team to expand attack surface monitoring and gain additional threat details



Ideal for:
Single analyst to larger security team to gain full threat details and to gain API access



Ideal for:
Large organizations with expanded attack surface and third-party risks requiring special licensing

User License124Custom
1st Party Monitored Entities11 Domain3 Domains10 DomainsCustom
3rd Party Monitored Entities1, 4-3 Domains25 DomainsCustom
API Service--Yes, Limit2Yes
Continuous Attack Surface Findings YesYesYesYes
Attack Surface EnumerationYesYesYesYes
Total Threat ScoreYesYesYesYes
Findings Severity RatingYesYesYesYes
Cyber Attack Chain StageYesYesYesYes
Reconnaissance FindingsLimited3Limited3, 4Yes4Yes4
Targeted Technology FindingsYesYes4Yes4Yes4
Persistent Threat FindingsLimited3Limited3, 4Yes4Yes4
Compromised Credentials Findings YesYes4Yes4Yes4
Compromised Sessions Findings Limited3Yes4Yes4Yes4
Malware Infections Findings Limited3Yes4Yes4Yes4

1 Domain names may be changed each 90-day period

2 Daily API read request limit

3 Finding summary available but the complete threat details are redacted

4 Third-party findings may have certain details that are redacted due to data sensitivity

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TacitRed Essentials

Detailed Threat Intelligence
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TacitRed Advanced

Detailed Threat Intelligence
Pricing Screenshot Comparisons Advanced 1500 Pricing Screenshot Comparisons Advanced 1500

TacitRed Professional

Detailed Threat Intelligence
Pricing Screenshot Comparisons Professional Api 1500 Pricing Screenshot Comparisons Professional Api 1500
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