Use Cases

TacitRed’s patented tactical Attack surface intelligence solution elevates the state of the art for External Attack Surface Management (EASM) by continuously discovering, monitoring, and managing an organization's exposed digital assets and prioritizing the active threats for mitigation.

External Attack Surface Management

TacitRed’s patented tactical Attack surface intelligence elevates the state of the art for External Attack Surface Management (EASM) by continuously discovering, monitoring, and managing an organization's exposed digital assets and prioritizing the active and potential threats for mitigation.


  • Empowers security analysts to take immediate, decisive actions to mitigate cyber exposures, leveraging fully curated and prioritized tactical attack surface intelligence.
  • Continuously monitors over 18 million US companies and provides detailed findings instantly across your core domains, as well as those of third parties and partners.
  • Delivers only meaningful data on actual in-process threats and at-imminent-risk assets, prioritized, categorized, and with full details to enabling decisive and timely response.
EASM Usecase Screenshot V2 EASM Usecase Screenshot V2

Incident Response Optimization

TacitRed enhances an organization’s ability to respond to cybersecurity incidents efficiently and effectively by automating the detection and analysis of cybersecurity incidents, and preparing the curated, prioritized, and detailed evidence required for enhanced coordination among response teams.

IRO Usecase Screenshot IRO Usecase Screenshot


  • Enables continuous and rapid detection of compromised assets, malicious activities, and access attempts by threat actors, along with actionable context and validation.
  • Provides tactical attack surface intelligence that empowers security analysts to take immediate, prioritized, and decisive actions to quickly mobilize mitigation processes.
  • Facilitates seamless collaboration between cross-functional teams by producing high-confidence and detailed source data, with validation and contextualization.

Managed Services Offering

TacitRed offers for External Attack Surface Management (EASM) as a comprehensive service that continuously monitors, assesses, and manages an organization's internet-exposed digital assets and vulnerabilities – and can incorporate third-party risk assessment.


  • Enables MSPs to offer crucial threat insights, ensuring timely visibility into threat exposure and enabling prompt detection and response to emerging threats.
  • Effortlessly offers actionable insights of clients' external attack surface, including tailored recommendations and strategies to proactively mitigate risks and active threats.
  • Equips MSPs with extensive API integrations to automate findings into existing systems, making it an extremely valuable capability with an extraordinarily low TCO.
MSO Usecase Screenshot V2 MSO Usecase Screenshot V2

Cyber Insurance Risk Assessment

TacitRed automates the evaluation of an organization's internet-exposed digital assets and vulnerabilities to determine the potential risk of cyber incidents. This assessment helps insurers to better understand the organization's security posture and set appropriate coverage terms.

CIRA Usecase Screenshot CIRA Usecase Screenshot


  • Enables timely assessments of a client’s active attack surface including third-party dependencies to generate more accurate risk assessment for underwriting purposes.
  • Provides insurers with evidence-based risk assessments based on advanced analytics, allowing organizations to improve their cyber insurance coverage terms and premiums.
  • Facilitates continuous monitoring of the threat landscape, enabling clients to detect and respond to emerging risks in real time, reducing the likelihood of costly insurance claims.

Third-Party Risk Management

TacitRed simplifies third-party cybersecurity risk management by identifying and assessing the external security risks of subsidiaries, agents, vendors, suppliers, and service providers, ensuring their threat surface does not adversely affect that of the primary organization.


  • Empowers organizations to assess their extended attack surface simply by entering the domain of the partners, suppliers, agents, and service providers they do business with.
  • Offers continuous monitoring of third-party threat exposure, providing advanced notice of threats and at-risk assets, and the ability to share findings to facilitate corrective actions.
  • Enables organizations to conduct technical security due diligence of third parties and track exposure and remediation progress, fostering supply chain transparency and accountability.
TPRM Usecase Screenshot TPRM Usecase Screenshot

M&A Cyber Due Diligence

TacitRed facilitates the thorough evaluation of the cybersecurity posture of a target company during a merger or acquisition, assessing the target's attack surface, and identifying vulnerabilities and risks that could impact the value and success of the transaction.

MACDD Usecase Screenshot MACDD Usecase Screenshot


  • Empowers organizations to conduct comprehensive assessments of the target company's external attack surface, including exposed applications, devices, and networks.
  • Enables acquirers to focus on high impact risks post-acquisition by identifying security concerns, active attacks, and compromised systems and credentials.
  • Provides already-collected tactical attack surface intelligence on prospective and recently acquired organizations since it continuously evaluates over 18 million US organizations.

Digital Asset Discovery and Assessment

TacitRed identifies all internet-exposed assets, such as websites, IP addresses, and cloud services, and assesses their security posture. This process helps organizations understand their attack surface and uncover potential threats with sufficient detail for timely remediation.


  • Empowers organizations to conduct comprehensive assessments of a company's external attack surface, including all exposed digital assets, targeted technologies, and cloud environments.
  • Continuously maps and analyzes your internet-facing assets, while dynamically monitoring the connections and threat activity between your digital presence, threat actors, and third-party entities.
  • Continuously analyzes threat signals, traffic, and web data of over 18 million US organizations, allowing immediate delivery of a thorough assessment to any new customer.
DATA Usecase Screenshot DATA Usecase Screenshot

Augment Pen Testing Scope

TacitRed can augment pen testing scope by continuously identifying and monitoring all internet-exposed digital assets, providing a comprehensive and prioritized up-to-date inventory, enhancing the efficiency, thoroughness, and effectiveness of the pen testing process.

APTS Usecase Screenshot APTS Usecase Screenshot


  • Continuously identifies and assesses exposures across internet-exposed digital assets, ensuring that pen testers have a comprehensive and up-to-date inventory of the attack surface.
  • Provides curated and validated insights into which assets are compromised or at imminent risk, helping pen testers prioritize their efforts.
  • Offers ongoing passive attack surface discovery and threat analysis, identifying new assets and changes that might introduce vulnerabilities, and ensuring that new risks are promptly examined.