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TacitRed modernizes security team’s capacity and capability for active threat identification, risk assessment, exposure prevention, and response within an enterprise’s extended attack surface

IRVINE, Calif., June 4, 2024Cogility, a leader in continuous intelligence software, today announced the launch of TacitRed™ - a tactical attack surface intelligence solution. Designed with Expert AI-based continuous monitoring and stream data analysis, Cogility TacitRed delivers fully curated, prioritized, and detailed active threat intelligence that empowers security teams to take decisive actions on compromised and at-imminent-risk assets. As a result, organizations can maximize resources, mitigate data breach exposure, proactively improve their security posture, and help reduce supply chain risk.

Security operations, threat analysts, and cyber risks analysts can try TacitRed for a free 30-day evaluation by visiting

With over 80% of cyber breaches stemming from external threat actors successfully conducting phishing, session, account takeover, and malware attacks, organizations face mounting pressure to automate security posture improvement and cyber responsiveness. Unfortunately, security teams have limited external attack surface visibility and cope with poor threat intelligence signal-to-noise ratio – adding to workload effort and impacting mitigation efficiency. By applying machine-speed pattern analysis to massive, diverse streamed internet traffic and threat data sources, TacitRed enables security analysts to readily examine their active attack surface, assess risks, and focus on valid, prioritized threats and incidents with full evidence to enable rapid mitigation.

“Security teams are inundated with volumes of inaccurate, outdated, and irrelevant threat data that their analysts must assess before having actionable intelligence,” said Jeremy Turner, head of cyber and risk at Cogility. “Cogility TacitRed democratizes external attack surface risk assessment and significantly increases threat response efficiency by coupling Expert AI and complex event stream processing technology so analysts can focus on pertinent, validated issues faster and with the tools they already use to fortify their business.”

Cogility TacitRed is a turnkey, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that automatically maps an organization’s external attack surface and monitors connections and threat activity between its digital presence, cyber adversaries, and third-party entities. Security operations, security analysts, and risk analysts can instantly examine active, curated attack surface risks of over 18 million U.S. entities on demand, by simply entering a business domain name. Users can examine compromised and imminent target assets and novel attack findings categorized by severity, threat type and cyber kill chain stage. Additional features allow security analysts to:

  • Assess valid findings with full contextualization of affected machines, users, and more
  • Streamline investigation, containment, and resolution processes taking advantage of detailed evidence
  • Integrate active attack surface asset enumeration and threat findings to existing SIEM, SOAR and IT Asset Management tools via API
  • Share critical security insights with third-party entities to reduce supply chain risk

“At ATRI, our clients rely on our responsiveness and reliability to meet their coverage needs, which requires us to make timely underwriting decisions based on informed digital risk assessment. TacitRed readily provides us all the pertinent threat and exposure information we need to best serve our customers,” said Ross Warren, VP of E&O and Cyber at ATRI Insurance Services. “TacitRed lives up to its claims. It is on-demand and simple, providing our team the best prioritized view of active attack surface management and cyber risk. The speed, depth, and usefulness of threat detail is astonishing – saving us considerable time and potential claim loss.”

Cogility TacitRed tactical attack surface intelligence solution is commercially available with the TacitRed Essentials edition subscription starting at $2,400 per year which provides continuous attack surface discovery, monitoring, and security posture assessment. TacitRed SaaS has different subscription plans that offer more advanced features, first-party findings, and third-party coverage capacity. TacitRed curated findings do not require the user to provide threat intelligence data.

“An enterprise’s extended attack surface, with modern applications and supply chain, is expansive, dynamic, and often likely breached in some shape or form. However, CISO’s and security analysts are not clamoring for more threat intelligence feeds and security AI. Leaders are focused on technologies that help increase their cyber resiliency - how quickly and effectively can their security team prevent and resolve problems,” said Richard Stiennon, founder and principal analyst at IT-Harvest. “Utilizing curated findings to address active, validated threats, combining elements of real-time posture assessment, attack exposure, and third-party risk, is the direction that organizations are seeking to optimize their investment in security talent and tools.”


About TacitRed

Cogility TacitRed™ empowers security analysts to take immediate, decisive actions to mitigate impactful cyber exposures by taking advantage of unparalleled tactical attack surface intelligence – fully curated, prioritized, and detailed. The SaaS solution continuously analyzes global internet and threat intelligence of entities and adversaries to provide actionable insight of over 18 million U.S. businesses on-demand. Subscribers can examine compromised and at-imminent-risk assets with complete threat scoring, attack stage, and findings context. As a result, organizations can optimize resources, mitigate data breach exposure, proactively improve their security posture, and help reduce supply chain risk.


About Cogility

Cogility offers continuous intelligence software that provides integrated, real-time, and predictive decision advantage for government and commercial organizations. Cogility’s platform, Cogynt, delivers unified stream data analysis from massive and diverse signals. It leverages no-code modeling and patented Hierarchical Complex Event Processing to produce high-confidence results with full traceability. Cogynt is cloud-scalable, open system interoperable, and deployed non-disruptively. This Expert AI approach empowers subject matter experts to directly optimize product delivery and enable workflow efficiency - generating critical intelligence with rapid time to value. To learn more, visit