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TacitRed attack surface and threat intelligence TacitRed attack surface and threat intelligence

Cogility TacitRed™ empowers security analysts to take immediate, decisive actions to mitigate impactful cyber exposures by taking advantage of unparalleled, always-on tactical attack surface intelligence – fully curated, prioritized, specific, and detailed.


  • Attack surface intelligence and mapping
  • On-demand monitoring through an interactive dashboard
  • Curated intelligence with in-depth findings
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Spring Cyber Solutions Fest 2024: Emerging Technologies Track 3

Wednesday, April 17 2024 at 10:00 AM EDT

Catch TacitRed’s session on “Tactical Attack Surface Intelligence – What, Why, How”.

Security teams are overwhelmed by volumes of threats, false alarms, and exposures concerning at-risk users, devices, systems, and connections. Unfortunately, security analysts wade through multiple threat intelligence feeds to attempt to ascertain their attack surface, and exert consider effort analyzing outdated, inaccurate, incomplete, or irrelevant findings – often too little and too late to mitigate impact or prevent damage. This session and demo will explore:

  • The advantage of on-demand curated intelligence vs. query-based inference
  • Means to instantly examine compromised and at-imminent-risk assets
  • Depth of threat scoring, prioritization, attack chain stage, and exposure contextualization
  • How to expedite incident response and reduce supply chain risk
  • Evidence required for proactive mitigation and breach blast radius reduction