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Cogility just raised the bar for External Attack Surface Management with the launch of their TacitRed Tactical Attack Surface Intelligence Solution. TacitRed is a groundbreaking solution designed to revolutionize how security teams manage and mitigate active cyber risks by offering continuous, curated attack surface threat intelligence to optimize threat identification, risk assessment, exposure prevention, and response.

Before TacitRed, the prevailing wisdom encouraged security analysts to acquire as much attack surface and threat intelligence data as they could afford. This just exacerbated the problem of too much data and not enough time or resources to make sense of it. Security analysts deal with:

  • Limited Visibility – Security teams often lack accurate visibility into their growing and dynamic external attack surface.
  • High Noise Levels – The overwhelming amount of threat data makes it difficult and time consuming to distinguish real threats from noise.
  • Resource Constraints – Security teams are under-resourced, making it challenging to manage and mitigate active exposures efficiently.

The game changer is applying AI-based machine-speed pattern analysis to the massive, diverse streamed internet traffic and threat data sources to present valid and prioritized threats and incidents with full actionable evidence. TacitRed essentially enables analysts to skip all the painful and time-consuming filtering and sorting and jumps right to the end of the process – a focused and categorized list of the most urgent exposures and imminent threats, with actionable evidence and details.

TacitRed delivers:

  • Continuous Monitoring and Analysis – Leveraging AI-based modeling, TacitRed provides real-time insights into your attack surface, ensuring you are always aware of active and imminent threats.
  • Curated and Prioritized Intelligence – By delivering fully curated and prioritized threat intelligence, TacitRed helps you focus on the most critical and relevant threats, enhancing your response efficiency.
  • Actionable Insights – With detailed evidence and contextual information, TacitRed enables security teams to assess, investigate, and mitigate risks swiftly and effectively.
  • Seamless Integration – TacitRed integrates with existing SIEM, SOAR, and IT Asset Management tools, streamlining your workflow and improving your overall security posture.
  • Supply Chain Risk Reduction – Share critical security insights with third-party entities to enhance your supply chain security and reduce potential risks.

Ross Warren, VP of E&O and Cyber at ATRI Insurance Services, states it very clearly:

“It is on-demand and simple.”

“The speed, depth, and usefulness of threat detail is astonishing”

With its curated, prioritized intelligence and seamless integration capabilities, TacitRed offers the most robust solution for continuous attack surface management. Empower your teams to act decisively, improve security posture, and reduce exposure to cyber risk. Don’t wait – enhance your cybersecurity today with TacitRed.

Read the full press release here:

Try TacitRed Today – Security operations, threat analysts, and cyber risks analysts are encouraged to try TacitRed for a free 30-day evaluation by visiting

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